I think we have all been here at some stage.


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  • Lo

    Or in some cases, we should help them for the reward, and then kill them for all of the rest they own.

    • The People’s Poet
      • http://www.no.io Aerorth

        ooooor, you could save them, take over the kingdom and protect them in exchange for taxes and that way have them work for you for the rest of their lives 😀

        • The People’s Poet

          But then I can’t level my necromancy.

    • Johnny Alpha

      If you want some fun, go back to the older RPGs (Icewindale, Baldur’s Gate etc) use the cheats and play ‘chaotic neutral’ at max lvl – it opens new game play …

      In BG II you can get a silver dragon into your party, scorchingly good fun!!

  • Fobia(Kadin)

    This would be more of a party thing. A D&D character shouldn’t typically have this dilemma. Unless you’re the rogue

    • The People’s Poet

      Depends a lot on the type of campaign you are running.

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