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  • BlackSwan

    That’s so fucking ridiculous. I assume this type of shit would fall under the Good Samaritan act though.

    • rick

      Doctors and paramedics have been sued for breaking ribs attempting CPR.

      Would not surprise me if someone threw in sexual assault for good measure or just because.

      • Andre Poreskin

        Sued for breaking ribs during CPR? srslyyyyyyy????

        • rick

          Seems less possible now; it was definitely rampant late 1990’s, early 2000’s although not a lot of success. Point is that your name is still being dragged through the courts due to some ungrateful douche bag being butt hurt about still being alive.

          Only recent cases I can find now are regarding people with DNR’s which were ignored. Don’t really want to dig through all state legislation but it seems some states are a bit tighter on the whole good Samaritan thing and you may still be liable..

          • Andre Poreskin

            Makes sense…I suppose lol…

            Thanks. 🙂

      • m4a4

        Yeah, but have they been successfully sued? There are usually protections in place against people’s stupidity like this…

        • seth clammy

          as far as i know yes, some actually had been successfully sued.
          for example i remember one case when two non-doctors have been sued for stuff like this

      • Cbergsyo

        If you ain’t breaking ribs your ain’t doing it right

  • lizziesmama
    • lizziesmama

      Yes, I’m replying to myself but I started scrolling through her twitter page. Frightening.

      • Gregor

        Some people are frighteningly insane and the ones that drag others along with them in their insanity are the worst

      • Я Безымянный

        This one is an adorable troll. Why do people take her seriously?

      • brilliant_observer

        Wow, what dick…err sweetheart!

      • Das Puggy

        There are people who would take her at her word.

  • Richard Rejmer

    I’m really hoping she has a heart attack someplace, and the only trained people around to give CPR are men. . and they have read or heard about this tweet. . .
    Looking over their shoulders, taking another sip from their beer, saying
    “Nope!. . No rape being done by US today!”. . .
    “Should we call an ambulance?”. . .
    “You mean a WHITE vehicle, filled with RAPISTS?!. . I think NOT!”. . . . “We are GOOD people”
    “Her face has gone an interesting shade of blue. . “

  • Ara Raven

    You can also be prosecuted if you are certified to perform CPR and you don’t do it on someone and they die.

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    • Я Безымянный

      Pretend you didn’t see anything and move along.

  • Damien Hampton

    Lets hope she just dies then

  • BearnieZardoz

    … and rightfully so!

  • Aidan Weiss-Rice

    Next we’re going to sue dildo companies for sexual assault

    • brilliant_observer

      Only if used by men on women.

  • Harsh Puppy

    I approve that title.

  • Shivers

    Speaking as a medic: Go fuck yourself.

  • Guestimus Prime

    None of you have worked out this is a spoof Twitter account using wry British humour to take the piss out of today’s virtue signallers

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