*staring into the camera* “Of course, you know this means war.”

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  • Coffeeinator3000
  • HoodieDog
  • Jim Kick
  • Ashen

    this recent usage of “whole ass” or “dead ass” as adjective is really annoying

    • SuRgE

      I completely agree, just grow your ass up and stop using redundant words that make you sound like a shrunk ass child.

      • James Denman

        The idea of an ass child scares me.

        • Das Puggy

          I’m waiting to give birth to my own ass child.

    • Exquisite Jesus

      Have you heard “low-key” being overused yet? Like, “I low-key wanna murder people who can’t use more than 100 different words.”

      • Ashen

        yeah feels like every year they bring out a new buzz word they fall in love with and overuse

  • brilliant_observer

    When I first starting dating my wife, I went over for breakfast. Dumped the contents off the cereal box onto a large bowl, grabbed the prize and put (most of) the cereal back in the bag, re-boxed and sealed it…
    Her brothers saw me, eating cereal out of the big bowl and playing with the prize….I became family in that instant!

  • FizzPop

    When I was 21 I also thought I was a “grown-ass adult”…

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