Got my girlfriend a new book

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  • Richard Rejmer

    True story. . .
    MANY years ago. . Come home from work . .
    Getting the silent treatment. . I’ve fucked up somehow. . But have no idea what. .
    FINALLY, I ask “What’s the matter?”
    She says (icily). . “Today is the second of August. . It’s our WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!! And you FORGOT!!”
    I said. . “Errr. . Our Anniversary is on the second of September – Not August”
    She was wrong. . and I was the one in the shit!!

    • Brian Gappa

      Well, first she was mad because you forgot, then she was mad because you made her embarassed about forgetting. How dare you treat her like that. 🙂

    • Das Puggy

      Not one woman has “liked” that post. They must still be giving you the silent treatment.

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