Audrey Hepburn


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  • Brandon Brown

    caterpillars have more skill than me when it comes to art

    • Kelvin

      Isn’t nature amazing?

      • Andre Poreskin

        Praise Jesus…

      • Brandon Brown

        albeit, there has to be some sort of trickery to this or this is one of those just 1 in infinity chance finds 🙂

  • jlaw812

    That’s a good job, talented

    • BlackSwan

      Very talented.

  • Flockacox
  • BearnieZardoz

    does wan call that art or workmanship?

    • Richard Rejmer

      Technology. .
      Low-power laser. .
      Not enough to actually burn through the leaf, but enough to damage the cells, so that in a few days those cells die and collapse. . leaving that image.

      • BearnieZardoz

        Ah, if you want to put it that way 😉

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