Promised to keep you all updated. <3

I had my first treatment today. So far, I'm not having the fever symptoms like I did last time. Fingers crossed this gives me at least another year, if not more! There's always hope for remission! <3 Thank you guys for helping make this possible! 


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  • BlackSwan

    Whoops. There are two. Please delete this one, Hoodie, if it’s not too much trouble.

    • HoodieDog

      Kept this one. Deleted the others. Best wishes. Thanks for staying in touch. Your humanity helps us all keep just a little more grounded. Much love to you.

      • BlackSwan

        Thanks Hoodie. <3 Loves to you too. You're awesome. <3

        • Anna Troll

          I hope you take some pretty pictures while there. Something that touches you personally. Them shearer the pic and a description of why it touches you. …I am not assigning you homework, but this is my favorite way to “share” an experience with someone.

          • BlackSwan

            Oh I most definitely will! My mom and I are going to try and go down to the beach tomorrow. If we do that, I’m sure I’ll get some gorgeous pics! <3

  • Andre Poreskin

    {mega hugs}

    • BlackSwan

      Thank you! *hugs*

  • The People’s Poet

    Damn lazy people. In my day, you had to stand in 4 feet of snow, with a crow pecking your eyes out, to get an injection 😛

    • Andre Poreskin

      Now they have safe injection sites! Oh, the times we live in….

    • Fokke

      You had injections? Tsk. Leaches were the best treatment we got.

      • Harsh Puppy

        Bah! Bloodletting by razor is the only way to get better.

        • The People’s Poet

          Well it was really just a rusty piece of metal covered in plant juice, but it was an injection to us!

    • Shivers

      DAMN LAZY PERSON! They give me needles, a vial of medication, and they make me give myself my own injections every week!

    • Flockacox

      They don’t give heroin in hospitals… You were in the streets

    • brilliant_observer

      My chemo lasted for hours sitting in a chair….no lying down for me.

  • perthaussieguy

    Hugzzzzzzzzzzzzz and love

    • BlackSwan

      Thank you! I’m so lucky to have such great friends.

  • Aidan Weiss-Rice

    Good luck, don’t know why, but I’m cringing at the shoes on the sheets. Sigh, am I becoming an adult?

    • BlackSwan

      Lol. The adult is taking you over. XD it’s a hospital bed. You usually don’t take off your shoes.

      • Aidan Weiss-Rice

        I know

  • Kelvin

    Keep on keeping on, Khloe!

    • BlackSwan

      Thank you so much! That’s the plan.

  • Chris Thomas

    good luck Black Swan!

  • Jennatalia

    Zero Fucks Given!!!

  • Glaarg

    Shine on you crazy Blackswan!

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