Hollywood needs new ideas. Badly.


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  • Exquisite Jesus

    Quit buying into it, then.

  • http://www.bubok.com.ar/libros/194779/Historias-de-Findur--El-Libro-del-Nigromante Gulmor
  • m4a4

    Reboot? Heck no.
    Another trilogy with time travel? Sure, if it’s done well.

  • Shibuya

    Make original content again even if the new IP is based on something.

  • Tanya Wicht

    i can’t believe they have made, yet another, Robin Hood movie, are they becoming a semi annual even now?

    • I was just talking about it yesterday, because I saw the trailer and…..uhh, there wasn’t a single thing about the trailer, no one, that would’ve elicited any sort of feelings of excitement. I just kept thinking of Russell Crowe’s Robin Hood, which was also bland and boring.

  • brujah1381

    Translation: Great Scott! Audiences are getting a Back to the Future reboot whether they want one or not.

  • brujah1381

    Highlander, The Crow, Masters of the Universe, Howard the Duck, there’s plenty of material that could do with a good reboot if they really need material but can’t think of anything original.

    • Highlander would be a fun choice! The original special-effects were pretty bad and the sequels were quite terrible, but the idea was original and fun and I could certainly get behind a reboot on that!

      • prometheus

        Unless you get Queen to do the soundtrack again and do minimal special effects (like, actual swordfights and good camerawork) I will pass on that one. Also don’t touch The Crow. I could get behind Howard the Duck, though.

  • Johnny Alpha

    aaaand yet they can’t successfully re-make a Truffaut film …

  • Since we’re speaking of reboots, there’s apparently a kinda-sorta reboot of the Terminator – series in the works; it’s not a full reboot, they are keeping T1 and T2, but they’re scrapping everything that happened in the sequels. I think that’s a reasonable move, the two first movies were great and there’s no reason to scrap everything that happened in them, and I am quite excited about the possibilities. I wish they’d do the same for Robocop, too — he’s such a great character.

  • AndFred

    How about we instate a rule saying you can’t reboot a popular film before 50 years has passed.

  • Rokas Akanichas

    Because we need to capitalize on already existing names now, don’t we.

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