Thinking about the real mysteries


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    That I wanted desperately to be a kid again…. *sigh*…..

    • Alexandra Marie

      For me it was to be 26 again.

      • PATMAN

        What happened when you were 26?

        • Alexandra Marie

          I was in an albeit dead-end high paying job, had a social life and no worries. Now I have a career (granted doing something I enjoy), live paycheck to paycheck and have a cat.

          • Flockacox

            You’re living the dream girl… Well maybe not, cuz I’m not there 😉

  • Shivers

    Getting old sucks.

    • Johnny Alpha

      Hmm … yes and no, I still have decent health, adequate money for a modest life-style – not sure I want to be around in 50 years time though …

    • RC

      Just because you grow old doesn’t mean you have to grow up.

      • Shivers

        I live my entire life by that mantra.

    • Glaarg

      you spelled *bites wrong

  • AcidMan

    This IPA that tasted like shit at 18 still tastes like shit at 30.

    • Das Puggy

      Hops are an acquired taste. As a home brewer, I’ve had the opportunity to taste from malty to hoppy to “Fresh mown lawn”, and I still like the balanced to slightly sweet. Doesn’t mean I can’t suck back the occasional Sierra Nevada or Dogfish Head 90, it just means don’t go overboard on the citrus hops. Give me noble hops instead.

  • clok

    Trying to get what other people think you need is silly, get what YOU WANT, not what will impress others. Quite worrying about understanding how so many people can read and post Facebook posts and think they are real (especially politics). But #1, visit the people you care about before they are gone (finding this one out the hard way right now).

  • rick

    Squidward was right

  • Tanya Wicht

    I love having my sons live with me, but not so keen on other people – lol (It would be nice not having noisy, smelly, shitty driving, neighbours.)

  • Ara Raven

    People always said teenagers were the ones with uncontrollable emotions. Nope. Adults might not feel things as strongly as teenagers (fewer hormones), but adults let what they feel affect them WAY more than teenagers ever do. Adults are the ones who become self-destructively irrational when their emotions become involved. And adults tend to attach emotional significance to belief, where it should never be, and then run their lives based on those emotional beliefs.

    I have a theory with strong supporting evidence that, when presented with a chunk of text outlining stances that directly align with the emotionally-held beliefs of an adult, their reading comprehension will be flawless. However, change those stances to be in direct opposition to the adult reader, and their reading comprehension will plummet to near non-existence. Adults operate off of their feelings so much that they will actively avoid information if it makes them FEEL uncomfortable. And if faced directly with such uncomfortable information, they will react with emotion (anger, character attacks, logical fallacies, victim complexes, etc.) rather than logic.

    I also know that telling stupid people that they are, in fact, stupid, only makes them cling more tightly to those stupid emotional beliefs. Making it so the stupid people can’t talk or participate just vindicates the stupid people, makes them think that yeah, they must be right if the opposition is trying so hard to silence them. In order to fight the tide of adult emotional stupidity, you have to actually talk to them. Debate them. Discuss with them. Not to change them, but to change the people who might listen to them, the people who have not yet made this belief emotional and thus immutable.

    In order to fight stupid, you have to engage with stupid. So yeah, long story short, but I really jive with the Grinch some days.

    • Das Puggy

      Wow…. um… what she said.

    • Richard Rejmer

      I pretty much agree with everything you said. . Except. . . for telling people they are stupid.
      Not a lot of people are really stupid.
      They can be illogical, entrenched in an idea and unwilling to think about alternatives, stubborn, biased, irrational at times or just plain wilfully ignorant. . But seldom are people really ‘stupid’
      Actually, it would be easier to accept it if they were genuinely stupid. . It’s no fault of their own if they are stupid. .
      Stupid just means that they are mentally inferior or defective in some way or deficient. .
      HOWEVER, if you are like most of the population – meaning that you are moderately clever, educated and well-informed and you STILL argue when overwhelming and clear evidence to the contrary of their position is presented. . . Then that is just pig-headedness and childish.

  • Richard Rejmer

    What has become clearer as I got older?. .
    Death. . . Creeping up. . creeping up. . creeping up. .
    Funerals of friends, associates, colleagues, neighbours, pop stars of my youth, relatives and enemies. .
    Strange feeling in the chest? . . Brain races. . “Is THIS it?. . Is this how I go?”
    Nope. . It was just a fucking strange feeling in your chest you fat old fuck!
    Good side of that?
    Appreciate everything GOOD or FUN that happens every day much more than you ever did before.
    I’m not afraid of being dead. . I’m just annoyed that I won’t enjoy the good stuff any more. .
    Oh. . And FUCK PAIN!!!. . . I want NO PAIN when I die. . OK?

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