Peanut butter jelly time

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  • brujah1381

    What if I asked for the loan so I didn’t have to eat peanut butter and jelly until payday? If I pay you back in the agreed upon time what difference does it make what I spend the money on? On a side note, who is spending $12 on a sub when they’re $6 for a footlong at Subway?

    • perthaussieguy

      Exactly. When someone pays you back the full amount in the agreed time you have no real call on how it was used.

      • Dragonofarbitration

        Back in the day, my brother asked me for £100 to pay his rent so he wouldn’t get evicted. Knowing my brother, I cut him a cheque made out to his landlord. He still got kicked out and never paid me back, so it all didn’t work out in the end…

        • perthaussieguy

          Yeah, family … *sigh* …. but ‘once bitten …’

        • I would like to point out that you haven’t quite gotten the grasp of how to be a dragon: you’re supposed to hoard money, not throw it away.

    • Andrew Clayton

      Someone who hates subway?

    • Rev. Analbumcover

      I agree. What kills me is when someone says they don’t have the money to pay you back and they’re eating $12 sandwiches every day. Actually if you add a drink and cookies some sub shops charge closer to $20.

      • brujah1381

        Now that is the thing, if I have to eat pbj because payday came and went and you didn’t come see me, then I have a right to be pissed at what you’re eating

  • Anna Troll

    Errr… I don’t think that’s the proper meme..

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