An SD card is no place for a childhood

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  • I just want the plastic case of the PS1 Classic Mini, don’t care if there was anything inside it or not. Same for the NES, SNES and MegaDrive – miniatures. (Not that I’m willing to buy any of those consoles at their current prices just for the cases.)

  • Andy Jacobs

    What’s the game on the screen? I loved that!

  • Johnny Alpha

    I’m thinking of buying the Raspberry Pi3 B+ for a friend’s son but need to justify the cost (a snip at €40)
    … so can anyone tell me what I …er… he can do with it?

    • Shivers

      You could install emulators on it and never shut the fuck up about it?

      • Johnny Alpha

        OK – here’s my thought … could it be used as a ‘voice activated dildo’ – obviously it would need a few add-ons, but it could learn from you and replicate your orgasms … now that would shut a few people up!!

        • Das Puggy

          Or it would make them scream louder.

          • Johnny Alpha

            and there’s me – already thinking about the neighbours *sigh*

    • Andrew Clayton

      A friend got me one last year for christmas, and i can proudly say that i have done absolutely nothing with it. Besides emulating old game consoles, i have no clue.

    • Andy Jacobs

      So, so much! Joking aside, I’ve got about 20 of the things. Robots, smart mirrors, security cameras, home automation… If you want to keep learning then they’re great. You can start really simply and build up from there. I’ve just finished building a system that does occupancy detection at home by detecting mobile phone BLE and adjusting the heating off the house is empty.

      • Johnny Alpha

        tbh I stumbled across this ‘thing’, and it intrigues me! – I left school before we had computers and although I’m ‘web aware’ ;D … I know I should understand more!

        Soo maybe a new start for me?
        I have a degree in engineering what-nots, South Bank Poly
        another in Philosophy and Logic, Uni Kent

        and polished it off with 17/18th English literature Uni Le havre

        (I am good at maths but better with fiction)

      • Cayne

        how in the world did you get started. this sounds amazing and wouldn’t mind a new project

  • Jake

    Is having a Raspberry Pi like being the vegan of the computer world? Rule number one is never shutting up about it?

    But in all seriousness, I love my little raspberry pis. I have two of them. I have a pi 2 that is running Plex and retropie.

    And a pi 3+ that is NAS for Plex.

    It’s pretty cool what you can do with a little $40 card.

    • Johnny Alpha

      Well, this is why I want to know more … ;D

    • Johnny Alpha

      btw Jake it’s soooo un-cool to UV yourself, but there again we are talking spoddy …

      • Jake

        Oops. My bad. Haha

  • Andy Jacobs

    Yes! Thank you. I’m going to get that for the RetroPi I’m building. Did you know that for half the cost of the PS1 Classic you can build your own from a Raspberry Pi?

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