Bear got hit right in the pic-a-nic basket

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  • Dragonofarbitration

    I like how he tries to walk it off and he’s like “Nope, that’s not gonna happen!”

  • brilliant_observer

    How many guys went..ooooooouch!

    • Vladislav Richter

      all of us

      • RC

        I didn’t. After many years of upsetting women I’ve built an immunity to nut shots. And mace.

    • BlackSwan

      Some girls said that in sympathy for the guys too.

    • Mym Zy

      Until your comment I went to check the gif and realized what happened… ouch in sympathy.


    Awwww nuts!

  • Michael Mason

    Un-bear-able pain

  • Chris Thomas

    Yogi had a boo boo

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