Have you seen my son?

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  • Fokke

    Never startle a woman when she’s holding a knife. This could have gone bad, real bad.

    • MrPotato

      Yea she xould have slipped and mixed the dark meat with the white meat. Then where would we be?! Thats just Unamerican!

  • Metalliferous

    She must be deaf or, perhaps, there is a strong background noise. I’ve got one of these – it is fun playing around with it but moving it isn’t noiseless – it’s actually quite audible.

  • perthaussieguy

    Just found him!

  • Richard Rejmer

    “Finding Nemo”. . . The most fucked-up movie in the world!
    Well, if you understand the biology of Anemone Fish (Clownfish – Like Nemo) you will understand.
    In any Anemone fish colony, there is one breeding adult male and one breeding adult female.
    All the rest of the fish in the colony remain juveniles as long as there are two adults.
    If the adult female dies (like in Finding Nemo), then the remaining adult male changes sex spontaneously and becomes a female and the next juvenile male in the colony (Nemo) will mature into a male and begin mating with the female. .
    So. . After Nemo’s father finds him at the end of the movie. . His dad is going to become a female, and Nemo will become a male and start fucking his own dad!!
    That’s fucked up!

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