Bedtime cuddles


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  • Daemonius

    Because of these videos I hate myself for being allergic to cats…

    • Gregor

      There are some breeds that cause little to no allergic reactions in allergic people

    • AcidMan

      With medication you can potentially be around/have cats.

      I take zyrtec and singulair for other reasons (not asthma), and I’m better around my cat.

      • Daemonius

        I have eaten similar medication for over 12 years to be able to have my dogs. My allergy to cats is 4 times worse…

        • AcidMan

          O o f

        • Johnny Alpha


    • Brian Gappa

      Don’t hate yourself for something you can’t control. I’m sure there are other things in your control that you can hate yourself for.

  • Shivers

    Awww :3

  • an otter one bites the dust

    put @beaniezardoz under the blanket, you filthy animal

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