How to embarrass your teen son 101


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  • Shivers

    Girl can dance. And looks great for being mother of a teen.

    • Agidy Yelov

      She’s hot.

      • Patchy

        With shorts that short and a loose blouse, I’m having a difficult time believing she’s hot. Especially since it doesn’t seem like anyone around her is hot. Or maybe they are. It’s difficult to tell for sure.

        • Johnny Alpha

          at my age, I’d be happy for the chance of banging her …
          complicitly, obviously …

  • Trevor ‘Dork’ Kroeger

    Single mother getting free advertising.

  • brujah1381
  • Amber Mari

    Party don’t stop


    Good job no kiss cam!

  • ComputerPony

    You mean by wearing that short of shorts out in public?

  • Aidan Weiss-Rice

    Sons, the other one was smart and moved away

  • Fartston McStinkbutt

    Her embarrassing? He’s wearing a Top Gun shirt.

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