Hershey Bears fans set the world record for number of teddy bears to be donated to kids for Christmas.


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  • Harsh Puppy

    ♪♪♪ It’s raining bears, alleluia! ♪♪♪

  • the dude

    nice team names… BNG HER

    • Das Puggy

      American Hockey League, Binghamton and Hersey. Hmm… maybe they are quite a bit dirty.

  • m4a4

    Alternate headline:
    “Teddy bears watch in horror as their fallen brethren are thrown onto the ice field for sport.”

  • Ashen

    some of those throws are from absolute noodle arms

    • Shivers

      They’re spectating, not playing, so… 😛

      • Ashen

        no excuse for noodle arms, not being an elite athlete is not an excuse for not being able to throw something more than 10m

  • Shivers
  • brilliant_observer

    It would be cool to see this from the ice looking up,

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