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  • Vladislav Richter
  • Nerd RN

    That escalated quickly

  • Mango

    Killing yourself over some chick is the most beta thing a human can do. You’ll be 6 feet under while she gets pounded by other men. #WINNING

    • Ara Raven

      Chad Thundercock approves this message.

      No betas approve this message because they’re too busy not actually existing.

      • Mango

        I’m sorry, did that word offend you?

        • Ara Raven

          Eh, as much as any inaccurate and scientifically disproved thing does. By that I mean not really.

          The only thing that truly offends me is people who refuse to learn, and even then I’m more offended on behalf of the poor plants that worked so hard to make the oxygen said idiot is wasting.

          • Mango

            Nobody is trying to make a scientific claim by using that word LOL. It’s a term people use to describe “weak men”… it might surprise you but sometimes people use words non-literally. I wasn’t trying to be ethologically accurate haha

            Cute rant though. I’m amazed you can psychoanalyze me from the use of one word 😉

          • Ara Raven

            Wait, you thought I was taking a jab at you with that?

            Lol I actually wasn’t, but now I am. Have a great day Chad.

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