Pet fox scared by small bunny

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  • Carlos the Dwarf

    Damned wascally wabbits!

  • Flockacox

    Don’t foxes normally eat bunnies?

    • Samara

      this is a fennec , or desert fox. they live in the northern parts of the sahara desert where there are no wild living rabbits/hares, so the fox probably doesn’t recognize it as prey.

      also, please don’t keep foxes as pets, unless you’ve been trained to do so, as they are still very much wild animals and require special treatment and care.

      also they smell awful

      • Flockacox

        Good information

      • That Guy

        Also, fennec foxes are insectivores

        Plus that damn rabbit snuck up on the dude

      • lizziesmama

        I want a fennec fox and a red panda. Oh, and a snow owl. LOL I’m sure they’d all get along wonderfully.

        • BearnieZardoz

          Sounds like a witch.

  • Nerd RN

    Those ears tho…

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