Some nights this would be useful.

Especially when they use their highbeams on a well lit highway.


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  • Dreig

    I prefer exhaust flamethrowers but still, very good

  • Andre Poreskin

    Volvos have something akin to this. They have a “rear fog light” that will constantly illuminate one of the rear turn signals for added visibility when it’s foggy or super rainy. Their rear turn signals are white a pretty bright…On a number of occasions I’ve used it just like the comic and people usually back off.

  • Jake

    Any douchebag that uses his brights in the city should be slapped.

  • Mister_B_Posters

    I particularly dislike white headlights that seem to kind of have a white/purple glare. If I could I would make those illegal

  • MrPotato

    I would absolutely love this and would use it all the time

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