Thieves VS People with Smarts

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  • m4a4

    +1 for posting this. I was thinking about doing so too lol

  • Dennisch

    Instead of using glitter, should have gone with hard to remove paint, branding the perps for a couple of weeks.

    • Kelvin

      I was thinking about C4, but your idea is nice too. Let’s go with yours. Much safer.

      • Dennisch

        The first thing that popped in my head was acid, to actually burn the perps, but people might think I am a psycho or something if I would say that.

        • Coffeeinator3000

          good thing you didn’t say that then.

          • Dennisch

            Indeed. Gotta think about my reputation

        • Harsh Puppy

          Can we settle on bear spray?

          • Zoe Isabeau Graves

            skunk spray

          • Dennisch

            Let’s go with the paint. Better to have someone run around brandished green or something than letting them have red eyes for a couple of hours.

    • Carlos the Dwarf

      That powder they use in some festivals and some races. It gets everywhere.

      • rick

        Isn’t that similar to hair chalk? That stuff will be crazy.. and being a powder.. more likely to go everywhere as opposed to paint or some other liquid. At least out of this mechanism.

        • Carlos the Dwarf

          Sounds like it.

    • Damion Strife

      In some US states the thief could have sued him for damages from the paint. 🙁

  • HoodieDog

    Well worth the watch.

    • Vader

      Damn straight. These class acts deserved every inch of what they got.

  • Sullenman

    USA is so fucking weird. They just drop the mail, and they think leaving a package on the floor at the entrance count as “delivered.” Over here, if no one is there to receive the package, it’s not delivered and we are told to go pick it up at post office. Because…it makes fucking sense!

    • Mounty1103

      same here

    • That’s how it is here, too. We also have these lockboxes at various malls and stuff, which you can designate as the delivery-target when ordering something in case it’s most convenient for you to go and pick up your package from there. At no point do any deliveries just get left on a porch or something where a random person can just take them.

    • Nora Bora

      I’m so jelly!!!

      My building has a problem with people sneaking in and stealing packages and bikes. The post office regularly leaves packages for the wrong address too. I actually redelivered a package to the correct address the past weekend.

      Also twice my package has been left OUTSIDE of the building. Luckily we got to it before they were stolen.

    • Johnny Alpha

      I get mine delivered to the local supermarket, open longer hours than the P.O. and on week-ends too!!

  • Alexandra Marie

    Given the increase in thefts of delivered packages, why doesn’t amazon (or whichever retailer decided that is acceptable to leave deliveries out in the open) change their policy? I sure hope they refund the customers when this happens.

  • The glitter would’ve worked way better, if it was sprayed upwards instead of just spun to the sides; the radius of where the glitter flew was pretty small, but use pressurized air and blast it upwards, you’d easily cover an entire room.

    Also, why only 5 blasts of the fart-spray at a time? Would’ve been better to empty the whole thing as fast as possible. Even better, instead of some fart-spray, put some really foul-smelling oils in another pressurized container and spray the whole room with it. I have no idea how easy it’d be to get one’s hands on something like e.g. thioacetone, but it’s apparently potent enough to cause vomiting! Definitely something the thieves deserve.

  • Pickles

    So many scummm baggggsss… deserved worse than glitter.

  • Christopher

    i would have used tear gas or something that would make them puke

  • Rev. Analbumcover

    Instead of glitter and fart spray I’d have used shit or at least stink bait, but each to their own I suppose.

  • Musback

    Sadsnaps update, a lot of this was staged :'( So the glitter bomb actually works, but the video’s are most likely to be faked, creator admitted this partly.

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