Have you no hart, main?

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  • perthaussieguy

    Can works better than can’t.

    Some people dis others because they didn’t think of it first

    • BearnieZardoz

      Some people dis others just because they (not the others) are assholes.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sydamen Samara

    it’s tumblr, don’t expect any positivity for men out of that place

    • Das Puggy

      A few former neighbours must be the moderators of that group.

    • brilliant_observer

      Tumblr has done an upgrade on its policy about what can and cannot be posted. Good for them.

  • Entity

    So his profits go to the homeless or just the food he was throwing away to make the candle cases?

    • James Denman

      Im not sure I agree with the word “just” there, 80000 meals is a LOT of meals.

      If he really just wanted money he could buy empty cans straight up instead of cans full of food, which would be way cheaper and net him way more money. The fact that he still uses actual food instead of wholesale cans means he is actually making a conscious choice to improve the world.

  • Dreig

    SJWs will throw shit at everyone who does not bend knee to their beliefs, remember that

    • Das Puggy

      True, but don’t forget there are conservative SJWs as well. And not all of those are Russian.

      • Dreig

        Blyat, what

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