Does it work over holy water?

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15 points
  • Mounty1103

    video is white

    i only hear sound
    so no vote

    • Galina Evdokimova

      me too

    • BearnieZardoz

      That’s because you are filthy atheists! Begone, devils!!!
      *evil papal laugh*

  • Jake

    Jacked up format. But still enjoyable.

  • Gregor

    And then it spontaneously combusted and he in is long dress fell over and had to run for the drowning pond in the building to pour the water on his dress

  • zenzen

    Would have been a miracle if his dress was covering Segway.

    • Alexandra Marie

      That’s a hoverboard.

      • Mym Zy

        No, its not. Stop calling it that.

        • Alexandra Marie

          Make me :p

      • zenzen

        Even better. Imagine what an impression moving like that and then starting burning (preferably exploding in a fireball) would make.

        • Alexandra Marie

          You get me!

  • Daniel Emberton

    religion is weird…

    • BearnieZardoz

      Religion must be weird, it’s a human invention.

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