What a way to mess up your family and friends one last time

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  • Shivers

    That would be $50 well spent, if I intended to have a traditional funeral. XD

    (If you’re curious, I want: Donate any parts possible for transplant/transfusion, anything else possible for research or training, return anything unusable to nature, IE ashes in the woods. I don’t think I have enough close friends for any sort of ceremony, but if I’m wrong, hors d’oeuvres and non-alcoholic drinks, sadness gently discouraged since death is part of life.)

    • perthaussieguy

      I have made it clear to my kids that in the event of my demise any useful organs are to be donated, however, I am hoping that everything will be so old that they won’t be of any use !!

      I have also made a list of music to be played. I won’t go into most of the pieces but I think most of you who know me on here will understand this MUST be included…….


    • Here in Finland, you can just leave an electronic will of sorts, stating that you agree to donate any organs and stuff after death. Only takes a moment to sign and after that it sits in your medical records, ready to be viewed the moment you kick the bucket. I’ve signed mine years ago already.

      As for the rest of the body, any sort of ceremony and all: I don’t give a flying fuck. Dump my rotting carcass on the side of the road for all I care. If someone wants to hold a ceremony for me, fine, go ahead, but I, personally, don’t want or expect anything like that at all.

      • Dragonofarbitration

        Spending huge sums of money on a funeral does indeed seem pointless. In this enlightened age most people(in their heart of hearts) believe you can’t take it with you and there’s nothing to spend it on when you get there(Oblivion is my guess). Better to let family and friends make use of it. As for my organs, whatever is useful people can have.

    • RC

      Nobody is getting my organs. As selfish as that sounds its against my beliefs.
      By all means dissect me and study bits just stick it all back in once you’re done.

      • Phil

        Saving them for the worms?

        • RC

          No no….cremation just I believe we should be as whole as possibly when burnt.
          To the point of I have the teeth I’ve had pulled preserved so they can stick with me

  • http://parkstad24.nl/ editorial office

    plot twist : she is the only one who’s there

  • Some Rando

    No, she’s too attractive. People will think my secret was an affair. I need an old white guy smoking or an old Asian wearing a kung-fu outfit.

  • Gregor
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