That guy must have crapped himself!

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  • Nerd RN

    Man, that gorilla just dragged that GROWN MAN like a rag doll….with one hand…yikes

  • Tanya Wicht

    Just a little reminder, I could tear you limb from limb.

  • Kelvin

    I hope he brought an extra pair of pants.

  • Daniel Emberton

    he did the right thing..not panic.. if he wanted you no1 could have stopped him.. you would be dead before they could get off enough shots to bring it down(not that they would)

  • almightybeard
  • Cayne

    he’s wearing his brown pants

    • Gandalf

      This guys got the right idea

  • Richard Rejmer

    Jeeeee. . . . Sus!
    That is a STRONG gorilla!

    • Das Puggy

      Not really. That’s not the extent of how strong gorillas are.

  • Cbergsyo

    Gorilla laughs his ass off…..

    • lizziesmama

      Definitely looks like a joker’s move.

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