Close call

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  • Martin Kamenov Georgiev

    Close? It’s dead on! The guy is messed up AF.

  • Marcus

    If anyone is selling a collarbone, I know a guy that needs one!

    • perthaussieguy

      They heal well enough. Did one of mine in as a teenager learning judo.

  • BearnieZardoz

    I hope he has to pay for the lamp

    • Shivers

      And that he gets marked down somewhere as a potential insurance fraudster… unless there’s a damned good reason for him to weave over suddenly like that. He definitely would have seen that car edging out.

      • liuping

        It is a little suspicious that his path basically put in the middle of the side walk after the intersection (hence the lamp being there). He was definitely trying to his the car.

  • Chris Thomas

    it was only light injuries…

  • the dude

    he sweved towards the car. he deserves what he got.

    • The man that did that thing

      Pretty sure he was going to turn right. But yeah, going at that speed through a pedestrianised area… he deserves what he got. Car driver certainly wasn’t culpable, he was moving slowly with restricted vision.

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