“Here is my paper on aerodynamics”

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  • Shivers

    That’s a great way to teach.

  • Daemonius


  • Aidan Weiss-Rice

    Some say he’s still keeping it afloat to this day

    • Das Puggy

      The Aerial Stig

  • MrPotato

    Ashamed to say i don’t understand how the plane is staying up

    • Ashen

      witchcraft, obviously

    • Richard Rejmer

      It’s called “ground effect”. .
      When planes come close to the ground, they experience increased lift, and in some cases have to actually force the plane down more to make contact with the runway. .

      Or in this case, when a sheet of paper (cardboard?) comes close to a paper glider.

      • Zund

        Additionally the sheet of paper is scooping the air in front of it and pushing it up creating extra lift.

      • Raedwulf
      • MrPotato

        This makes sense! There is nowhere for the high pressure air to go so it almost forms a cushion underneath the plane.

        Thank you!!

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