Eat me.

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  • Clay Johnson

    Sooooo your wife wants a Shark that can swallow her for valentines day? Hmmm I will remember this on my birthday….

  • Shivers

    I want one.

    ….especially today. Brrr it’s cold.

    • m4a4

      Yup. I’m content with only looking outside today lol

  • RC

    If she could return the favour on s&bj day then marry her.

    • Ara Raven

      Fair. You give her a giant plushie on V-Day, one month later she gives YOU a giant plushie, you get married, you live happily ever after with your collection of giant stuffed animals.

      • RC

        Hell yes! It’s a sign of commitment if you’re both willing to go to the effort of getting a huge plushie.

  • Johnny Alpha

    Now, if we could have a zip in the belly, on the level with the lateral fin ….how much?

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