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  • Mounty1103

    what he said

  • Shivers

    Easier solution, don’t dry your face OR your gross zones. Let em air-dry.

  • IMHO

    So if someone asked a woman if she dried her genitals then wiped her face with the same towel, would all the social media be offended? Strange that many feel its ok she can ask a man that but feel it not appropriate to ask a woman that same question.

    • Alexandra Marie

      I have a towel for face and hair and another one for everything from neck down

      • Hm. I never have the need to dry my face and I let my hair dry on its own, so I just use a single towel for everything else.

        • Alexandra Marie

          Water here is quite hard, so I’m keen to get it off my face so I can moisturise. And my hair is quite long and reasonably thick, if I didn’t wrap it up in a towel, I’d drip all over the carpets. This also shortens the amount of time it needs to air dry.

          • I have really thick hair, I just don’t care about it dripping. Takes about 5-6 hours for it to dry on its own, but meh.

    • Ara Raven

      Clearly a fair number of women don’t mind being asked about their labia-drying procedures. And a fair number of people see no reason to not talk openly about genital care. Personally, I really see no reason to play the ‘equivalency or false equivalency’ game.

      People (usually men) are assuming shit and claiming “women wouldn’t like *x*” a LOT more than we ever actually do.

      • Das Puggy

        My ex was a poseur. She worried about what people would think much, much more than what people actually thought. She was also brought up in a conservative environment, and it showed in things that she got angry with me about. So yeah, there are women out there like that (just like there are men out there like that, too, and I tend to think for all the doorknobs of one gender, there are equal amounts for the other).
        My current partner is a delight. I’ll need to arrange a chat on FB about being poly.

  • SuperDan4

    Why would I have a problem rubbing my face around in my genitals (theoretically)? If it’s good enough for your mom, it’s good enough for me.

  • Elusive7
  • Some Rando

    I use the tag area for my butt (not actually worried about the ball area after a shower). It took me far too much of my life to figure that out.

  • Justin

    Why aren’t people cleaning their balls

    • Das Puggy

      Seriously, what guy doesn’t spend 45% of the time washing his balls?

      • gabe

        I “wash” them for about 5 minutes in the shower.

  • Anh Thư

    I have separate towels. one for hair, one for body. I don’t have balls tho. my hair’s just too thick and heavy duty for half a towel.

    • Johnny Alpha

      Yeah, but after drying your face, then your muff, do you remember which way round it was the next day?
      Or do you take a clean towel every day?

      • Anh Thư

        if you do it right everything should be clean so it doesn’t matter.
        also like they said the towels forget everything by tomorrow.

        • Johnny Alpha

          exactly! I wash in the shower and come out clean ;D

  • Daniel Emberton

    i mean i have 2 towels..but im a big fat guy sooo… lol

  • RaddClaw

    Well yeah but my balls are always clean, that’s the point of taking a shower

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