Virgin territory

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  • Mounty1103

    virgin islands

  • Pickles

    Norfolk Virginia
    -Virginia’s Dad

  • a455olds

    The road to get there is rough and long, and when you finally get there it is thoroughly anticlimactic. One star.

  • Shivers

    “The owner seemed completely clueless, and had no idea what I was asking them for.”

  • Johnny Alpha

    I’ve had a few classic reviews in my time:
    “Wow! you have a nice dick!” – apparently because it didn’t resemble a vegetable
    “You were a lot more romantic than I wanted you to be” – !!!?
    “Do you always talk during sex?” – I’d only asked her to turn over …

    …if it’s not fun, loving or exciting (or any combination of two) find someone else …

  • Flingebunt

    Pleasantly surprised that photo matched the real person. Turns out though he had overbooked and expected us to share the bed.

  • Nick
    • Das Puggy

      I don’t remember this clip, but it’s still funny.

  • Ara Raven

    Friendly, welcoming environment. The complementary breakfast was a real plus. One other tenant gave me a dirty look, but the host assured me that’s just his face.

    • TaloonTAM

      Since when do you make breakfast? 😛

      • Ara Raven

        It’s called dinner.

  • Cayne

    nice cozy location that seems out of use but warm and inviting. owner is very good with his hands

  • RaddClaw

    Friendly, cozy & warm, huge variety of choices for entertainment

  • seth clammy

    needs more reviews to show statistics

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