Flawless snowboarding

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  • perthaussieguy

    Awwwww….. where’s the lol’s in a perfect run. At the very least he could have smashed into the last of the snow blocks 🙁

    • Sirperry

      That’s the exact thing I was hoping for. But I knew better. There was already 1 lol posted today, so there was no chance of getting another.

  • OhPoop
  • Shivers

    I dunno. Sorta feel like more credit goes to the people that built that for perfectly calculating and assembling it. Not that I’ve ever snowboarded, but at the speed they were going, I sorta feel like their primary function was ballast.

  • Nerd RN

    Do a barrel roll!

  • Eric Levesque Saumier

    Am I the only one who had a vision of Excite Bike from the NES?!?!

    • brujah1381

      Nope, we’re old

  • prometheus

    I am more impressed with the precision of the snow blocks. That is amazing. I can’t even make a good looking snowman.

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