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  • Andre Poreskin

    Dogs do not need booties or coats. Please stop it.

    • Johnny Alpha

      Je suis d’accord! habiller vos animaux montre la pauvreté de votre vie et de votre imagination.

      Wear the costume yourself!!

    • Das Puggy

      My avatar — my ex-wife’s dog — knows how to swim, and loves the water. There is no way I’m letting him near a pool or any water-going vessel without a canine flotation device. Most pools have no easy canine way out, and even the best swimmers might drown should they jump out of a canoe, rowboat, or larger craft.

      • Andre Poreskin

        Eh, I disagree. Although I’m sure some breeds would be at a disadvantage in the water, I think most dogs can swim just fine without floatation devices.
        Every story I’ve ever heard ever, when someone jumps in to “save” fido, the person ends up drowning (or nearly drowning) while the dog makes it out just fine. Then the dog does an Urkel on the sidelines and then begs for a treat… 😉

        • FizzPop

          As Das Puggy implies but doesn’t specifically state, so I’ll emphasise,
          it’s not so much about whether the dog can inherently swim or not, it’s whether they’ll be able to get out of pools that are not designed for their bodies.
          Should they get stuck in the pool or fall out of a boat in deep ocean and get lost (because anything can happen no matter how much other planning), a floating assist will help them when they get too tired to carry on trying to stay afloat.
          Like humans, dogs can panic, and particularly when young, might not be able to figure stairs when they’re drenched and worried. Lap pools don’t even have stairs.
          Just a thought, though. You’re entitled to your opinion. I agree with your implication when it comes to most domestic swimming pools – but then again, small dogs vs big dog, step sizes – they don’t always add up well *shrugs*

      • MrPotato

        Agreed also my smaller dog cannot handle the temps of winter around here and thus requires a heavy coat or will literally shiver uncontrollably. I don’t dress my dogs up for fun, i’m a responsible pet owner

  • Galina Evdokimova

    that tantrum at the end

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