Always looking on the bright side

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  • Damien Hampton

    I bet if they released the actual stats you’ll find adults(18+) playing fortnite is a very high percentage….

    Also they probably left dota 2 long ago when league come out because its much more enjoyable to a casual crowd

    • MrPotato

      Myself included… i am ashamed to admit

    • Ashley

      League was out 4 years before Dota 2. You are probably thinking of the original DOTA.

    • BlackSwan

      My bf really enjoys playing fortnight.

  • m4a4

    Yeah, that regrettably means that they’re also playing the non-BR mode of Fortnite (PvE). Totally wrecked that community……

    • ComputerPony

      I rather think it was Fortnite who wrecked the community themselves, with the dances and shit…

      • m4a4

        Not talking about the BR side. The “Save the World” side only has 2 dances, and had a global chat before it got spammed by kids begging for guns and scammer offers/links.

        • ComputerPony

          Ah. That’s a nice clarification. Of course it had that happen though *because* of the BR side.

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