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  • DigitalHunk

    Spot on !!!

  • m4a4

    Most of these sum things up quite nicely.

    • Johnny Alpha

      but #8 – “was it good for you?” “yeah, well, you’ve been nagging me about the grouting in the shower, up your game, so will I”

  • Flockacox

    I never assume someone is into me no matter how flirty it gets. I just keep flirting until it’s so obvious

    • Johnny Alpha

      ‘sooo obvious’ – 0_o

      • Flockacox


        • Johnny Alpha

          0_o !!?

  • Das Puggy

    To women: Men are not as complicated as you overthink us to be.

  • Ara Raven

    I’ve spent a lot of time explaining these things to women. And a similarly large amount of time explaining to men that women really are that complicated and might need reminders that men aren’t.

    I’ve also personally faced off with #9 many many times. I’ve learned that I need to SAY so when I want help or for something to be fixed, and be specific about what I need done. My men have had to learn that I really do mean it when I say I don’t know what’s wrong and that I don’t know what I need. It’s not a puzzle I’m inviting them to solve, and I’ll let them know when/if I figure it out. I’m in a constant war with anxiety and depression, so I know I’m more riddled with unfixable problems than most women, so I do my best to communicate when I DO have something fixable, and when I don’t, to give them something they CAN do. My boyfriend can’t fix my depression and period cramps, but I did give him a list of foods that always help that he can bring home whenever. My husband can’t fix my anxiety, but I did give him some things to constantly verbally reassure me of that will help calm it down a bit.

    Men want to help. At least, the good ones do. And it is honestly the sweetest thing about them. So let them help. Give them things they can do. Tell them how much it means that they are there, helping. And ALWAYS thank them, even for the routine things. Oh, and a little thought (I find makes my pair feel really good): thank them for what they did for you, not necessarily for what they did, i.e. ‘thank you for making it so I didn’t have to do the dishes, I was feeling really stressed out about them’ instead of just ‘thanks for doing the dishes.’

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