Every frog has his day

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  • That Guy

    The frog makes the exact same face I make when I know I’m going to get the sex

  • Rokas Akanichas

    “omg, i have a boyfriend”

  • Jim Kick

    Slippery when wet

  • MrPotato

    Will he become a prince? Cause if so Im pretty sure i know who the wicked witch is…

  • Shivers

    I forsee this happening.


  • Dreig

    A lonely frog getting set up on a date

    There is a 4chan greentext in there somewhere


    Will this spawn some sequels? (In best perthaussieguy manner)

  • OhPoop

    …and she kills him.

  • eataton

    Why would they wait until Valentine’s day. Don’t they know prices get jacked up on that day?

  • Glaarg

    Glaarg approves of this post.

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