Great father

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  • Shivers

    Nice. :3

  • Andy Jacobs

    Just waiting for all the snowflakes to go batshit crazy about how this terrible parent bullied and humiliated their poor child.

    • a455olds

      They are in a conundrum, because to do so would be considered trans phobic.

      • seth clammy

        lol, make sjws fight other sjws!

    • Cayne

      not this crew bud. sorry. no popcorn eating for this one. get a politisnap and things go to shit but not this


    Congratulations, now your daughter will be bullied in school and not want to go at all. You really showed her!

    • Raedwulf

      On the flip side, the most kids would see a parent that cares about their kid enough to make a fool of themselves.

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