A century later he is the best of the best

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  • Rev. Analbumcover

    First one: Kick. Second: No kick. Third: Kick. Fourth: No kick. The miming is inconsistent. I didn’t look for this, I couldn’t help but notice it. At first, I thought the weapon misfired on the second and fourth times he aimed it, and because of that I didn’t understand what was happening at first.
    This guy was a comedic genius but this clip isn’t his best I think. But then again those were the days of three-martini breakfasts so who knows.

    What’s important is he’s still making people laugh a century later, and will probably still be making people laugh a century hence.

    • Shivers

      Huh. You know what, I never noticed that before. I’m a little surprised, because Chaplin was notorious for doing dozens, or once even several hundred takes to get everything perfect. I almost wonder if this is an artifact of the film speed they used (Edit: 16FPS), or if they were under some sort of non-negotiable time deadline.


  • Harsh Puppy

    Heh, I never connected with Chaplin. Mind you, I’m more of an Harold Lloyd type.

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