“I said PURPLE, motherfuckers!”

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  • Shivers

    I googled for a laugh and apparently the retroactive canonical reason is “well the bad guys end up with red, and the good guys are blue or green, so purple is both red and blue so he’s both blah blah blah” but yeah, the reality is that SLJ just went “PURPLE MOTHERFUCKER, DO YOU DIG IT”, because even he saw that the lightsaber battle in that one movie – I don’t know which – was bullcrap that you can’t see a thing going on in, and he wanted to stand out.


    • brujah1381

      Also purple is his favorite color

      • Shivers

        That too, I guess. 😛

  • Haze1nut

    The crystal inside the hilt is what gives the blade its color and according to star wars canon the only color that means anything is red, because it’s made with a synthetic crystal for a more powerful blade. The others mean nothing. Both anakin’s and revan’s lightsabers were originally blue, and they’re both regarded as 2 of the most “powerful with the force” beings, in the star wars universe.

    • ComputerPony

      Exactly so. Jedi are permitted to modify their own lightsabers however they choose. But the consular, guardian and knights of the jedi order (based on a study you take) decides what color crystal the masters provide for you when it is time for you to build your saber.

    • Shibuya

      it has nothing to do with their power. the color showed more the the discipline you chose Blue tends to mean you chose to learn martial combat (primary) and Green tends to show that you went to learn the way of the force. Jedi with a green light saber might win a saber duel with a blue, just because its one color doesn’t mean they are strong. Red was corrupted or synthetic crystal. Yellow synthetic or a purified red. Purple while not really had said much about it theory has it its from a jedi who danced with the dark side and was brought back.

  • Phil
  • Aidan Weiss-Rice

    Red meant power

    • Shibuya

      Red was corrupted crystal or artificial. yellow was also a artificial if I’m not mistaken.

  • Vava
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