You knew this joke was coming…

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  • Rev. Analbumcover

    On one hand I’m damned impressed and glad the guy survived. On the other hand I really like cougars and a less rational part of me wonders if he couldn’t have just discouraged it.

    • japanusrelations

      LOL, not to be topical, but considering he was attacked by the cougar first, that’s a bit of victim-blaming on your part.

      Maybe we should inquire about what the runner was wearing, or if he had been drinking prior to the jog? 😉

    • Muffinmonster

      Agreed. I heard the cougar was just a yearling. To bad Mr. Mighty Hands couldn’t have just discouraged it?

    • Sergio Cuquerella

      Seems it was a surprise attack, I am sure in the adrenaline rush there was no time or instinctive modulation in order to preserve the cat’s life. I presume this was kill or get killed. Luckly to this guy the cougars that attack humans are mostly inexperienced young ones with not fully developed strength/hunting skills.

    • BearnieZardoz

      There are so many of you hoomans, and so few pumas. Just lay down and take it like a man!

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