Anyone even care anymore?

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  • perthaussieguy

    We need shows like The Simpson to make us laugh – because the equivalent in real life make us cry

  • Rev. Analbumcover

    I gave up on it this year.

  • Christopher

    No network would continue a series of it doesn’t give them money … so yeah it would seem people do care

    • Shivers

      As I understand it, the real money is in syndication. I think I remember hearing that 4 seasons or more, you can throw away the budget because you’ll definitely get syndicated… 3 is just barely possible to syndicate so maybe. (Context: why original Star Trek didn’t die in obscurity.)

      • Christopher

        well would it be syndicated if no one watches though??

        • Shivers

          There’s always a baseline number made of people that left their TV on while they went on holiday, those TVs in dentist’s offices, etc, etc.

          I’m just observing that once you reach enough seasons to syndicate, more places will syndicate it for weekly or daily repeats. Simpsons can do power hours and not have repeats for years at this point, so that’s I guess easier than making new content.

  • Pickles

    Our family still watches… amazing how they can still entertain us for 30+ years! Wow I live a dull life!

  • RaddClaw

    Upvote because this made me remember the episode from the screenshot, which is hilarious

  • Towel

    Still better than the shambling corpse of Supernatural

    • Daniel Emberton

      whos god now? i lost track lol

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