Cartoon logic

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  • Tanya Wicht

    At it’s finest!

    • perthaussieguy

      ‘Wile E Coyote and the Road Runner’ were probably the best at ‘Cartoon Logic’ humour

  • Carlos the Dwarf

    Cartoon logic is not so unlikely as we might hope. “Experiment suggests that reality doesn’t exist until it is measured”. Blame this one on the Aussies.

    • perthaussieguy


    • Rev. Analbumcover

      A cop pulls a car over and asks the driver why he’s in such a hurry. “I have an experiment in that box and I need to get it to the lab ASAP.” The cop looks in the box and says “There’s a dead cat in there.” “Well there is now, asshole!” Schrodinger replies.

  • Aidan Weiss-Rice

    Cartoon logic is best logic though

  • Charles Cochran

    I knew what was going to happen.
    I clicked it to start the .gif anyways.
    I still smiled.

  • Brian Gappa

    What happened to the ring the anchor was tied to when he swam back? Someone removed it? perhaps with an eraser?

  • Rev. Analbumcover

    I like how they both jumped out of the ater.

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