That gasp from those in attendance!

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  • perthaussieguy

    My immediate reaction to this is … what is he hiding? Why doesn’t he want to reply?

    But I guess he is just playing obstructional politics

    • outspokenpariah

      that is what we are good at here in america. nothing gets done cause no one wants to agree with the other parties.

    • David

      The Democrats on the committee kept asking the same questions during this hearing to get Acting AG Whitaker caught in a perjury trap. For those not aware, a perjury trap is where investigators or examining attorneys go over the same place repeatedly, waiting for a mis-statement or slip, then use that to claim that perjury (lying under oath) had been committed. This tactic isn’t permitted in a courtroom proceeding (rule of evidence 403), but for grandstanding politicians, no such rule applies. Throughout this Trump/Russia farce, it is important to note that all of the indictments that have come so far are irrelevant to the object of the investigation – many of them are the result of perjury traps. Whitaker played nice for a little while and then, when it became obvious that was all they were doing, he started smacking them hard. This is one of those clips.

      • Kenneth Lien

        Well, let’s wait for the all 17 investigations to end before reaching any conclusions.

      • Pickles

        Well said David… I too am getting real tired of the destructive and self serving behavior in our government and politics. It’s just tearing the country apart.

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