A mistake to avoid

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  • The009

    If you are lucky and you did not have your car that warm before all that snow came in you can get most of it out very easily. But whatever you do, DO NOT TURN ON YOUR CAR.

    3 things are needed.
    1 a large broom.
    2. an ice scraper
    3. a shop vac with water in the bottom to catch and melt the snow. (keep a dust filter on to keep snow from going into the motor)

    Step 1, open a couple doors so your body heat dose not warm up the car. Step 2. brush all the snow out that you can with the large broom, after you broom it out use the shop vac on the seats and floor where you are going to have to move around in so that you do not melt the snow into your seats. Once you have that sucked up then use the ice scraper to get the inside windows clean. Use the shop vac to suck the air through the vents to get any snow that went down the vents out.

    Don’t use the blowing function on anything to try to get the snow out it will make matters much worse.

    Source: Left a window open in the snow….. more then once… I hate to admit.

    • Raedwulf

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