Hockey is the best

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  • perthaussieguy
    • Patchy

      That is so cool.

      • PATMAN

        You spelled epic wrong!

    • The man that did that thing

      Is that an American or Canadian hockey team? I wonder how they pronounce “Worcester”?

      • Coffeeinator3000

        Toronto Maple Leafs (so obviously Canadian, I mean, look at the the leaf sweaters at an AWAY game)

        • The man that did that thing

          Ah, yeah, should have spotted that… xP

          So, I’m guessing they pronounce Worcester pretty much correctly, then?

          • Coffeeinator3000

            I try not to pronounce that word at all actually.

          • The man that did that thing


            It’s easy, it’s just Wooster, with the ‘oo’ sound a bit closer to an ‘uh’ sound than it would be in a word like ‘school’.

  • gar

    Canada is a very cold country where people with very warm hearts live (save for my ex)

    • Coffeeinator3000

      she must live in Vancouver then.

  • BearnieZardoz

    Ice Hockey?

  • Entity

    What’s up with baseball that they snatch the game ball away from kids, but in hockey they hand her the puck. Difference between hockey and baseball or Canadians and US Americans?

    • Daemonius


      • Entity

        There are exceptions, but I tend to find that the more violent a sport is the nicer the fans are.

  • Nerd RN

    Classy bloke in an age where spoiled-ass millionaire players are complete narcissists

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