True story.

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  • Я Безымянный

    I though dogs were tricked to think they are looking for food in the rubble.

    • bratzel

      This is a pretty common tactic to keep the dog motivated. Just imagine playing a game and not being able to get the final reward irregardless of the grinding, at some point you will stop playing the game. Normally a SAR dog does not learn to locate dead persons. A body starts to smell completely different the instance it dies.

      At the beginning of the training they just look for food or their toy, which is hidden together with a person. The dog first needs to learn to use its nose. First training will be like you (target) get the toy while the dog watches, tease the dog an run away. Only for a little distance still in sight. After the dogs grasps the concept of the game it gets increasingly difficult, you disappear behind a corner or something. At this point the dog will notice it is far easier to use its nose instead of the eyes. and that your scent is a lot stronger than the one of the toy.
      And this how it develops into a game of hide an seek. The final form is you or multiple persons go an hide. And the SAR-Team (dog and handler) start searching. when they find a target the handler is the one rewarding the dog.

      Now there is a problem with most real world scenarios. Not that much target but lot of SAR-Teams working, because time is of the essence. The dog does not understand that its chances of locating a target is relay slim, therefore you need those “spare targets”

      Here in Germany this whole SAR-Dog thing is mostly voluntary, and if you ever get a chance to train with them, go for it. You will learn a lot about working with dogs, and you help them with new (different scent) targets.

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