“I’m gonna run over this biker. What could go wrong?”

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53 points
  • BearnieZardoz

    Well done.

  • Marcus

    Fucking cyclists!

    • Tim


    • Gregor

      I’d say that is far to uncomfortable to do on the bike

  • Johnny Alpha

    What was the driver carrying to hit the cyclist with? Anyone make it out?

    • FFrost

      A baton for a relay race. He was just trying to pass it to him so he could continue the race for his team. His car must not have been working well, so he wanted the other guy to finish the race on his bike.

    • Jak

      Looks a bit like a portable fire extinguisher truck drivers keep on hand.

  • Arse Clown

    Boom! Got him a beauty!

  • https://www.facebook.com/app_scoped_user_id/442960499416716/ Sergio Cuquerella

    love it, would up-vote indefinitely. not only attacking a cyclist with a truck, later he is attempting to attacking him with some object in his hand, also the cyclist is all white haired so he is most likely an older person, although Asians could be older and still look like this driver a-hole… paw! right in the kisser, hope he needs a dentist appointment too.

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