The sound of

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49 points
  • Ara Raven

    Cannot upvote enough. YOU BLESS THOSE RAINS!

  • Armie

    I got got.

  • Rohan Hampson

    I prefer this one

  • Tanya Wicht

    Well!!! NZ is on the map, but it stops before it gets there!
    It is corrected on this one (A wee bit anti-climactic – but then so is NZ)

  • japanusrelations

    Well, that pretty much is the whole world, in toto.

  • Aidan Weiss-Rice

    Man, that sound when it gets to New Zealand

  • Coffeeinator3000

    I was going to say something about the great lakes missing but I couldn’t see….I’m not crying you’re crying.

  • BearnieZardoz

    Upvote for Africa.

  • Rokas Akanichas

    Well done

  • FizzPop

    I knew what to expect, still enjoyed it though

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