Working smarter, not harder

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  • clok

    moved many of them (my guess is they are not wielding but same bottles) as we supplied wielding outfits and they weigh a shi^load. All i can say is that guy has been doing it a LOOONG time to do that so well, skill showing right there.

  • Shivers

    I disagree. If one goes over, either he has to grab it by the nozzle, or he has to let it drop and risk rupturing the tank, either option of which is risky.

    I don’t know for sure what that is… contextually guessing CO2 for a restaurant’s soda lines, which means those tanks are at 1200PSI.

    I’ve personally seen a pressure-cure pot let go at a comparatively wimpy 30psi. The pot deformed all over, and the lid popped off, flew up, and put a big dent in a steel beam ceiling about 20 feet overhead. It missed a coworker’s face by a couple centimeters along the way, and the memory of her staggering back in shock while I thought it had hit her and she was dead will be seared into my brain for life.

    I’ve also worked with oxygen tanks, rated for up to 2,000psi, and was taught very well to take zero chances with them. Here’s a video of one rupturing.

    So again…. this is NOT smarter, this is moronic and dangerous.

    • seth clammy

      what if they are empty?

      • Shivers

        It’s like gun safety… even if you know it’s empty, you treat it as loaded. (See other comment.)

      • Das Puggy

        I work with argon tanks. You never treat any tank as empty.

    • clok

      Those are BLUE so its O2, CO2 is gray, and are most likely empty. Of course i am going by US standard which may not apply where this is. I say empty as most ( not all ) keep safety caps on FULL ones and off empty to keep track as , again, they are so damn heavy its hard to tell sometimes full and empty. But you are right, if that fell and broke the head off right, the movies are somewhat correct, it would make it pretty dangerous projectile, or spinning object. It would have to break off just right as most of the damaged ones i have ever seen, fall and leak, but not in a propellant way. I said below skill, but you are correct.. dangerous for sure.

      • Shivers

        If it’s O2 then even the empty ones are likely still partly pressurised… Where I was, we were required to remove them from service at 500psi between patients, and if in active patient care, even if we didn’t have another tank, discontinue oxygen at 200psi. Obviously that’s going to vary by jurisdiction, but there’s probably still a good amount of force in an “empty” tank.

      • Haze1nut

        I’ve seen one go through a concrete wall. These things are not to be played with.

    • Flingebunt

      Welcome to China, where there are few safety rails and work place health and safety is what keeps the west weak.

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