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  • Anh Thư

    I think heavy makeup and big beard (to the point where it completely alters or hides one’s appearance) are both unattractive. but it’s just me…
    nature makeup (given most women aren’t fortunate enough to look their best without any makeup) is my favourite, and a stubble is sexy.

    • perthaussieguy

      Heavy makeup and a big beard on the same face would be unattractive, but that’s just me 😉
      My last S/O was Vietnamese and she didn’t wear much make up at all, she didn’t need to in my opinion. I have a great Indonesian female friend and the difference between her using eye makeup and no eye makeup is quite astounding. She’s attractive anyway but the way she uses her eye makeup is quite stunning.

      • Anh Thư

        Asians generally have good skin, so that eliminates most of the need for makeup already (i said “generally” because i have shit skin that needs makeup most of the time just to look presentable). our flaws, i would say, is the lack of definitions (flat face), but that, fortunately for us, can be manipulated very easily with makeup. that’s why the difference between before and after makeup on an Asian girl can be jaw-dropping, especially the eyes.
        i totally get that some women paint their face not because of insecurity but because it’s art and they enjoy it, but i can honestly say i would love to not have to put on any makeup and still feel and look decent. i don’t find the process enjoyable at all, maybe except for lipsticks.

    • “nature makeup (given most women aren’t fortunate enough to look their best without any makeup) is my favourite”

      When you’re the exception to the rule.

      • Anh Thư

        I’m confused. .. isn’t that a good thing?

        • Ugh, I totally misread your comment! I belong in the group that looks like a river-troll even with makeup >_>

  • clok

    don’t date purely on looks.

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