A lesson everyone should learn…

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  • Ashen

    can relate

    • gar

      Who doesn’t

    • Nora Bora

      Then they reach out years later and asked why we grew apart. -.-

    • Sullenman

      Exactly the same reason, turns out some women like the attention you give them more than what they like you. Hell, sometimes they don’t even like you at all! they just like the attention.

  • Martin Kamenov Georgiev

    Well… fuck you and your self-entitled egocentric feminism, Karen.

  • perthaussieguy

    It takes two to keep in touch.

  • That Guy


  • Sullenman

    Same reason, and the other reason is because I grew to absolutely despise her. She was married and cheating with another married man at work, one day I caught her sneaking out of the warehouse, she works in accounting.

  • Fartston McStinkbutt

    Works the same way with sex too…

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