Cleaning God’s inbox


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24 points

    Are they not prayers that these guys stick in the walls?

    • Carlos the Dwarf

      Yes, but many cannot distinguish them from worthless trash.

      • Gregor

        Who can distinguish trash from trash?

        • Carlos the Dwarf

          Only those that think they can.

          • Clay Johnson

            And behold and God has sent you a profit to show you the true meaning of hopes and prayers.

          • Carlos the Dwarf

            Prophets are usually in it for the profit.

    • Entity

      Yes, but if they weren’t cleaned out then the wall would end up being more paper than stone. People don’t usually consider this part of it, but you can travel around the world to put your message to god there and someone will come along and put it directly into the trash. Gods inbox.

  • Josh Hansen

    Basically the Genesis lesson, quit whining and go back to your work. Like this guy. This is a good man.

  • Towel

    When LARPing goes too far.

  • Daniel Emberton

    not giving a shit about humans?…yep sounds like something “god” would do..

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