Every gamer after hearing Halo: Master Chief Collection is coming to PC

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  • m4a4

    Pretty much.

    • Well, I guess I’m the exception to the rule again. Never played any Halo-games, so not particularly interested in this.

      • Shivers

        I *own* a halo game or two (inherited) and I’ve still only played like maybe 20 minutes in them.

      • m4a4

        I would give it a try. Especially if you have a beefy PC.

        • The man that did that thing

          I played the first Halo on PC and quite enjoyed it and would have played the sequels… but then Microsoft stabbed the PC crowd in the back and moved it to XBox exclusive. I don’t really feel like rewarding them for that after all this time has passed.

          • Egekilde

            I’m kinda in the same boat, but I have too many great memories with Halo 1 and 2 to skip the long awaited PC release.
            I have been hoping for this moment for a decade now. And it’s coming to Steam too, so in my book Microsoft finally did something good.

          • m4a4

            At the very least, I see it as voting with our wallets to let MS know we want more PC games (and ports) from them, and on Steam.
            I think it’s a great precedence to set.

      • clok

        With you, never ending health regen (oh wait that’s shields), 2 weapons, mixing comedy stooge like enemies with normal ones (sci fi realistic). All steps backwards (opinion only) . I get that health boxes are lame, but its been solved by having health kits on enemies etc. instead of floating health boxes.. and caring 13 weapons is not realistic either.. but hell i am playing a game, in a sci fi world. The same 5 inside set pieces. it was a GREAT shooter on consoles, but about average otherwise. Since i played them all on console i am not sure why i would again on PC. And as some stated, since the current Xbox is doing so poor MS inst forcing the “exclusive ” anymore. Oh well for all those looking forward to it, enjoy, even i am glad its not another Battle Royal game.

        • We certainly don’t need another Battle Royale for a while.

  • Egekilde

    Halo was the first fps game I played, and I was super happy when Halo 2 came to PC in 2007 and back then I hoped they would bring the rest of the series to PC, but they didn’t.
    I don’t own a Xbox, so for all these years I have avoided spoilers for all the other games besides Halo 1 and 2. Needless to say I’m so excited 😀 Blasting this right now

    • m4a4

      Ah, the iconic music. Makes this series all the more epic…

  • Ara Raven

    Halo really isn’t my bag. I’m more adventure and RPG. Not quite the right fit for boyfriend either, as I’d describe him as more old-school/Nintendo. But this is almost exactly how my husband reacted. He’s had the Master Chief collection on a wishlist for ages because he couldn’t justify spending that much money for games he already has for a console he doesn’t really use. But on Steam? Oh hell yeah he’ll get them and play the shit out of them.

  • Egekilde

    It’s just so far away.

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